Clearing the Management Server Package Cache

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    The AppSense Management Server keeps a cache of the packages that you have in your Database. This is done to reduce the traffic to the SQL server. If you have a large number of clients and you have changed package, you don’t want the Management Server going off to the database for every client that polls in for the new package.


    In some instances, you may find it necessary to clear the Management Centre package cache.  These reasons for clearing the package cache could be as follows:-

    • You have recently decided to clean up the packages within your management server, removing older ones you no longer need, but have noticed that the cache size hasn’t reduced.


    • You have deployed a new package but the package being downloaded is corrupted.

    If you are able to open the package correctly from the management server in the console, this could indicate a corrupted package in the cache.

    Clearing the Management Server cache is a relatively simple affair.

    One thing to bear in mind though is doing so will add traffic to your SQL server whilst the cache is repopulated, so you may want to do this out of hours if possible.

    To clear the Management Server Package Cache,

    1. log on to the Management server and open Windows Explorer.
    2. Go to <Install Drive>\ Program Files\AppSense\Management Center\Server\Web Site\Deployment\Packages
    3. Select all the files in this location and delete them.
    4. After a short pause you will see the folder start to get repopulated as the cache rebuilds.

    If you have multiple Management Centres, you will probably want to do this on all of them.