Disconnecting a Locked Citrix Session will not execute the Session Disconnected Trigger

Version 1

    Verified Product Versions

    Environment Manager 10.1


    As a result of the Citrix session trigger improvements feature in Environment Manager 10.1, EM will now detect when a Citrix session has been disconnected resulting in the EM session disconnected trigger to execute. EM will also detect when the Citrix session has been reconnected.

    However, in the situation where a Citrix session is locked before it is disconnected EM will not execute any actions on the session disconnected trigger. This also extends to the session reconnected trigger when the Citrix session is reconnected.


    Citrix receives all system notifications before EM does – Lock/Unlock, Disconnect/Reconnect. Once Citrix has finished what it needs to do on receiving a notification it then broadcasts the message to the rest of the system, which is what EM will detect.

    Citrix is able to manipulate those messages. When a Citrix Session is disconnected that system notification is captured by Citrix and then broadcast as a session lock to the rest of the system – this was the reason EM would execute the Session Lock Trigger. The same applies for a Session Reconnect and the Session Unlocked Trigger.

    However, Citrix can also choose to swallow the system notification and not broadcast anything to the rest of the system, resulting in EM not receiving the system notification.

    In the scenario where a Citrix session is locked and then disconnected, the system notification is being swallowed by Citrix and so EM is unable to react to anything since it is unaware that anything has happened. The same applies for the Session Reconnect notification.

    There is currently no way to detect a Citrix Session Disconnect while the Session is in a Locked state when using a version of Citrix earlier than 7.9.

    If this behaviour is required, then it is recommended that customers upgrade to Citrix version 7.9 or later which has been fixed allowing EM to correctly identify Locked/Unlocked and Disconnected/Reconnected Citrix Session states.

    However, if customers cannot upgrade to Citrix 7.9 or later then the Session Disconnect/Reconnect Triggers can be reverted to their pre-10.1 behaviour of executing the Session Lock/Unlock Triggers when a Citrix Session is Disconnected/Reconnected.

    This can be done by enabling the “Override Xen Desktop Session Connect Triggers” Advanced Setting and setting this to “True”.