Slow Environment Manager Console when Configuration is loaded

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    Verified Product Versions

    Environment Manager 10.0Environment Manager 8.6


    If you notice that your Environment Manager Console runs slowly when your current configuration is loaded, you may have change tracking enabled. This list of historic changes is stored in a database file within the configuration itself.


    It is possible to switch off change tracking and purge this file (you will loose the change tracking data) but you will resolve the lag / slowness within the console. 

    Open the slow configuration and disable change tracking

    Save the configuration file to disk (File > Save As > Configuration File on Disk)

    Browswe to where you saved the configuration and within Folder Properties, un-check 'hide extensions for known file types' (if you cannot see the .aemp extension)

    Change the extension from .aemp to .zip and browse the zip folder (Do not extract the contents)

    Delete the .sdf file (You should notice that this is quite large)

    Exit the folder and change the .zip extension back to .aemp

    Load the configuration back in to the console and notice that it now runs quickly (You maybe prompted to upgrade the logon subtriggers once again)


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