Environment Manager 8.5+ and Application Manager 8.8+ hotfixes fail to install with Client Communications Agent 8.5 or earlier

Version 1

    Verified Product Versions

    Management Center 8.7Management Center 8.6Management Center 8.5Management Center 8.4Environment Manager 8.6Environment Manager 8.5Environment Manager 8.4Application Control 8.9Application Control 8.8Application Control 8.7Application Control 8.6Application Control 8.5Application Control 8.4


    When attempting to install hotfixes (.msp patch files) for the following products or later, the installation via the Management Server / Client Communications Agent (CCA) may fail with

    Exit Code 1636
    Exit Code 1642
    • Managment Server / CCA 8.6
    • Application Manager 8.8
    • Environment Manager 8.5


    The above releases introduced an improved mechanism for patching AppSense Products, including reductions in the filesize of patch files, and allowed the CCA to install multiple hotfixes together to reduce the number of reboots.

    To support this new functionality, hotfixes for these products cannot be installed via pre-8.6 Management Servers and Communications Agents - Service Packs are unaffected by this change, and can still be deployed by 8.4 and later releases of the Management Server / Client Communications Agent.