Management Server Failover "Test Server Connection" Failing

Version 1

    Verified Product Versions

    Management Center 10.0Management Center 8.7Management Center 8.6


    When adding Failover Management Servers in the the Management Console and using the "Test Server Connection" could return with an error similar to the below, this should only occur when using HTTPS(443).



    The above error is caused by the Server address listed in the Failover Management Servers not matching either the "Host Name" given to the HTTPS binding for the Management Server website or the "Common Name" (Server address) provided when the certificate was generated.

    For example, if the "Common Name" for the Certificate and/or the "Host Name" for the HTTPS binding was "https://Server.domain" (FQDN) adding the Server address in the Failover Management Server list as "https://Server:443" or visa versa, it would cause the above error to be thrown as the Server does not match the "Common Name" and/or "Host Name".