How many licenses am I consuming?

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    You may need to report on the current usage of how many licenses are used within your environment for the AppSense Software. 


    There is not a specific option to allow you to report on the exact number currently.


    However, there are a couple of ways to confirm an approximate number of licenses in use.


    Connect to the Management Server and select the All computers tab, you can then highlight all the machines and copy these into excel to give you an approximate number.



    Alternatively, the below SQL select script will show all machines registered in the database including the last time the machine polled and the group they are a member of. The results can then be exported to a csv file for review to give you an approximate number. 

    SELECT Machines.DNS, Machines.LastPollTime, Groups.Name as DeploymentGroup
    FROM Machines INNER JOIN
    Groups ON Machines.GroupFK = Groups.GroupPK