Server Error when Performing Management Server Load Balancing Status Request

Version 1

    Verified Product Versions

    Environment Manager 10.0


    When trying to reach one of the below pages whilst troubleshooting any Mnagement Server issue:

    • http://<ServerName>/ManagementServer/deployment/status.aspx
    • http://<ServerName>/ManagementServer/deployment/dbmonitor.aspx
    • http://<ServerName>/ManagementServer/deployment/pingmonitor.aspx

     You may be presented with the error "Server Error in '/' Application".


    The issue above arises in Version 10 of the Management Server due to the updated port number of the Management Server Website.

    If you are using the default new port for the Management Server Website (Port 7751), then you should use the following URLs:

    • http://<ServerName>:7751/ManagementServer/deployment/status.aspx
    • http://<ServerName>:7751/ManagementServer/deployment/dbmonitor.aspx
    • http://<ServerName>:7751/ManagementServer/deployment/pingmonitor.aspx

    The above solutions endter the port number directly after the Server Name and should take you to the relevant information pages.