Enabling Read-Only Configuration Permissions

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    Environment Manager 8.6Environment Manager 8.5Application Control 8.6Application Control 8.5


    In your organisation you may want to enforce tighter restrictions when it comes to managing your AppSense Configurations. Without configuration Administrators and Service Desk users will be able to open AppSense Configurations in the AppSense Consoles and make amendments, unless they are opened in Read-Only. The steps below will allow you to restrict certain Administrators or Service Desk users to only open AppSense Configurations in Read-Only mode.


    To configure Read-Only permissions complete the following. 

    1. Open the AppSense Management Console as an Administrators with full permissions
    2. Navigate to the section: "Security"
    3. Expand "Server Permissions"
    4. In either the "Users" or "Groups" section add a user or group that relates to those you wish to prohibit to Read-Only.
    5. Assign the pre-defined Security Role: "Viewer".
    6. Close the Management Console

    To test the restrictions are in place complete the following.

    1. Open the Environment/Application Manager Console
    2. Select Open > Configuration from the Management Center
    3. Select Custom User > Enter the credentials of a prohibited user
    4. Choose the configuration you wish to open with "Open and Lock" selected
    5. The user will see the prompt: "User 'xxxx' does not have appropriate permissions to lock this package"
    6. The user will however be permitted to open the configuration when "Read-Only" is selected