LANDesk Active Scheduled Tasks

Version 3



    This is something I knocked up so that the people who scheduled jobs could see when a job was running etc.


    You will have to enter your SQL DB details in BEFORE running or you will get an error!


    Edit the HTA with notepad and edit the details with your SQL server details for Landesk


    Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;Initial Catalog=Landesk;Data Source=<SERVERNAME>;UID=<USERNAME>;PWD=<PASSWORD>;


    May need some tweeks, I'll let you decided 


    I have it set to refresh every 60 seconds


    Comments welcome


    I've changed this part, I think it's due to the screen fresh of the HTA - I've updated the script to relect this





        Dim conn
        Sub Window_onLoad
        Window.SetTimeout "window.resizeTo 800,230", 1000
        End Sub


    I have fixed the exception error if no task are running...