Installing LANDesk updates without having to reinstall the Agent

Version 4



    It has been said by several customers that they do not want to install client updates because they do not want to have to reinstall the entire agent.  This statement is a myth.  It is not required for the LANDesk agent to be reinstalled if an agent update needs to be applied.  This document will outline the ease of applying an LANDesk update to all the required systems, in an environment, without a complete agent reinstall.


             Preparing to install a LANDesk update


    • Download the LANDesk update.  Updates are either provided by a support technician, or downloaded from a LANDesk Community article.
    • After downloading the update extract the files from the zip file.  Carefully go through the readme document.
    • Test the update in a test environment to make sure it resolves the issue for your environment.
    • After testing is complete.  Stage the client package.  If Preferred servers are used make sure that the update is replicated to it's proper location.
    •           Since all client patches have a Core Server update.  Apply the Core Server update before starting the client update.


             Steps to set up the Deployment Package


    • Make sure the client update has been extracted and it is in the designated location that packages are deployed from.



    • Open the Console and select Tools | Distribution | Distribution Packages
    • Select the Radio Button in the top left corner.  Select "New Executable Package" from the list.
    • Name the package and Give it a Description.
    • Under "Primary file" Browse to the location of the Setup.exe in the client package. 


    • Select the Install/Uninstall options tab. 
    • Add an    /s in the command line option.  This will    silence the install.


    • Select the Additional files tab.
    • Browse to the location of the Client update, the highlight the client update folder. (see screenshot below)
    • In the middle of the window select the >> to move the entire folder into the additional files section.

    Note:  There will be two message pop up.



    • Select "Yes"


    • Select "OK"
    • Now the files should move to the right hand side of the window.



    • Save the Package


             Configure a Run Once Policy Delivery Method


    Note: Any delivery method can be used to deploy updates.  For the purposes of this document a Run Once policy is going to be used.  An already built Public Policy delivery will be used.


    Note:  This is the recommended way for updates to be delivered using LANDesk Software Distribution.


    • Select Tools | Distribution | Delivery Methods
    • Expand the Public delivery methods section
    • Select Policy
    • Double-Click the "Required Installation" delivery method


            Since this delivery method is already build.  Verify the setting on the following tabs before use.


    • Network usage tab- Verify "Use download from source to deploy files" is selected
    • Reboot tab- Verify "Never Reboot" is selected.
    • Type and Frequency of policy tab- Verify that "Required" and "Once" are selected.
    • Save the delivery Method.


        Creating a Scheduled task


    • Select tools | Distribution | Scheduled Task
    • Select the "Create Software Distribution Task" radio button in the upper left hand corner of the Scheduled Tasks window.
    • Name the Scheduled task.
    • Select the "Distribution Package" tab within the task window and select the package created earlier in this document.
    • Select the "Deliver Method" tab within the task window and select "Policy" as the delivery type.  Select "Required Installation" as the Delivery Method.
    • Save the task.


             Create a Query to use with the scheduled task


    Note:  For this example it is assumed that all systems are going to require this update.


    • Under the "Network View" section in the middle of the 32-bit console, expand the Queries section
    • Right-Click on public queries and select "New Query".
    • Name the Query "All Machines".
    • Under the "Machine Components" section expand the following: LANDesk Management | Common Base Agent 8
    • Under "Common Base Agent 8" Select "Installed" In the middle section of the query builder select "=" in the Right section of the query builder select "Yes".
    • Select "Insert" from the middle section of the query builder.
    • Select Save.



    • Drag the query to the "Scheduled task" that was created.
    • Right click on the task and select "Start Now".