Stopping the CCA may prevent XenApp sessions from launching

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    If the AppSense Client Communications Agent has been stopped on a XenApp Server when the CCA startup type is 'automatic', users may be unable to launch published applications or desktops.

    In these situations the session will hang after launching smss.exe, csrss.exe and winlogon.exe.



    At logon the install manager checks the status of the CCA. If the CCA is running, or if it is stopped and the startup type is not 'automatic' the check returns immediately. 

    However, if the CCA is stopped and the startup type is 'automatic', the install manager enters a loop waiting for the service to start. As the service is not starting, the ICA session eventually times out.


    During normal operations there should be no need to disable the CCA. However, if this does become necessary (for example for troubleshooting purposes) you can work around this problem by setting the startup type of the service to 'manual' or 'disabled'.