Packages remain in 'Pending Uninstall/Pending Upgrade' state within the AppSense Management Console

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    Verified Product Versions

    Management Center 8.3Management Center 8.2Management Center 8.1Management Center 8.0


    The AppSense Management Center "Packages" tab of the Computers view can potentially display one or more packages in a 'Pending Uninstall' or 'Pending Upgrade' state. 

    The 'Last Response' column updates as expected when the client polls, but no attempt is made to uninstall or upgrade the configuration or agent.



    This occurs when the agent or configuration installed on the end point has not been uploaded to the Management Center's database. The most common scenario for this is when pointing clients to a new Management Server as part of an upgrade, the new database does not contain the packages that are currently installed.

    The packages are all referenced by an internal GUID. If no GUID can be found within the database for the currently installed package(s), the Management Server will not create the instructions for the Client Communications Agent (CCA) to upgrade or remove the affected packages.

    For all 8.3.x and earlier builds of the AppSense Management Server, navigate to the 'Packages' tab and click 'Add Package'. Browse to the configuration or agent that is currently installed on the affected machine(s), and follow the steps in the wizard to complete the upload.