How to limit or prevent software scanning on specific devices or drives

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    How to limit or prevent software scanning on specific devices or drives



    This article is for EPM Administrators that have file servers or other devices where running a full software Inventory scan is utilizing resources and is not necessary. Where an EPM agent is used to manage the device but scanning all the software on the entire machine or certain drives is not desired.


    Resolution 1


    Limit the software scanning by drive or directory


    Doing this will have the following effect:

    The Inventory Scanner will still gather Application Suites and OS Updates (from the uninstall key) and the associated installed packages and their usage data (from the registry).  Therefore this does not completely cut out scanning for applications and packages.


    This can be done in the Managed Software List as shown below:


    1. Open the Reporting and Monitoring tool grou
    2. Open the Manage Software List tool
    3. Select "Settings" in the left-hand pane
    4. Double-click "Excluded folders" in the right hand pane and add desired directories and/or drives.
      Note: Your entry must have a trailing "\" (backslash) in order to be recursive.



    Resolution 2

    Removing software scan altogether

    The inventory scanner has a /F- switch that can be used. When this switch is used then the inventory scanner does not do any software scan. It will not pull Application Suites, OS Updates, usage, or packages associated with Application Suites.


    If software scanning is not desired however information from the uninstall key is needed then use the /RSS switch after the /F-. This will return the application suites.


    The implementation does not require modification of the ldappl3.ini file.


    Instead only modify the localscheduler tasks and shortcuts following instructions above but using a command line based on this sample:



    LOCALSCH.EXE /taskid=777 /exe="c:\program files\landesk\LDCLIENT\LDIScn32.EXE" /cmd="/NTT=CoreFQDN:5007 /S=CoreFQDN /F- /NOUI" /freq=86400



    After changing the local scheduler tasks, add the /F- to the inventory scanner shortcut.


    Note: The client will now scan according to the changes made, however an agent re-install would overwrite these changes.