Error received when re-ordering the Severity ordered lists "Touchpaper.Framework.Common.TouchpaperClientException"

Version 1



    When re-ordering the (Severity) ordered list, as soon as you click on the Move Up or Down arrows, the following error was seen.


    Touchpaper.Framework.Common.TouchpaperClientException: Could not modify data object of class type 'IncidentManagement.Severity' with key value '6be67918-ff16-41d0-b0d7-02de83b2c8b1' because it has been modified by another user. You should reload this object and re-try the update.




    Reported in 7.2.2 but probably affects all versions`




    In this instance the customer had turned on "Optimistic Locking" at the object level.


    NOTE: Before carrying out these instructions, we would recommend that you try this out on a test system initially, check you are happy with the results, then roll the changes out to your LIVE database. When making the changes in your LIVE environment, please ensure that you have a full working backup of your database - and that all users are out of Console and the serviceportal. If there are any issues, restore the database backup you took immediately prior to making the changes.


    In order to be able to modify the order, we'd recommend you switch off the locking, then change the order and if neccessary switch the locking back on. To do this, please follow these steps when all users are logged out & you've taken a full backup (as specified above).


    1. Within Object Designer, open up Incident, severity. When you click on Severity (at the top of the attribute tree) you'll see all this object's properties.


    2. Locate "locking policy" & change this from Optimistic to none.


    3. Save & close the window. Go back into the ordered lists and make the changes - when tested here, no errors were seen.


    4. If neccessary, go back into Object Designer and turn the locking policy back on.