Why does my group not see the window specified in the View Rule?

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    I have a number of view Rules setup, some apply to certain Roles other to certain groups.  All my Analysts are part of the Analyst role but not are all part of the Development group.  There is a rule for the Analyst role and a rule for the Development group.  However when my Developers raise an Incident they do not see the window specified in the View Rule.




    7.2.x +




    The reason that the Developers pick up the Analyst view rather than the Development one is because although they are a member of the Development group they are also Analysts. Their current group was First line (not Development) so therefore the Role is taking presidence over the group because they are not currently seen as a member of the Development group.
    The group rules only apply when you are currently signed in as a member of that group so you would need to change your current group to that of the one specified in the rule.
    This can enable a number of different rules/views to be used and easily switched betweem by changing your current group.