Incorrect CI displays in Portal when using CI Handlers

Version 2

    ServicePortal displays the correct CIs (only the ones associated to the user), but when you for example select the third CI in that list, Serviceportal appears to retrieve that third CI from the unfiltered list that contains ALL the CIs, hence what gets inserted is the third CI from the unfiltered List.


    This is caused by duplicate page handlers on attributes. This only affects Portal, Console works correctly with duplicate handlers.


    1) To edit the handlers you would need to add the following lines to the console.config.exe in the console directory. These lines would need to be added between the application settings tags.


    <add key="ShowHandlerConfiguration" value="true" />
    <add key="ConfigureHandlers" value="true" />


    2) If you click on the attribute then the properties tab and click on the three dots beside the handler option. Then the handler screen will be displayed.


    3) The Basepaged handlers would need to be removed. The handler type is shown in the box on the bottom left of this. The List user config item handlers will need to stay so there is one set of paging handlers.


    4) Once the duplicate handlers have been removed click ok. The save the window, you may be required to move a label then move it back for the
    save to enable.


    5) Run an IISreset and test in Portal.


    Please make sure that any changes made using Designer, are tested first on a test copy of the database. Any changes should be carried out by a Designer trained technician. Before any changes are made to the live database, a backup of the database must be taken and nobody else should be logged in while changes are made. In the event of any problems after making changes, the database should be restored from the backup copy.