Configure IIS to better handle LANDesk Policy distribution

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    If an environment uses LANDesk Policies heavily often times IIS gets overworked and policies start to fail or not run at all.  Some of the errors that will be seen in the IIS logs on the Core LANDesk server are "401" and more commonly "503" errors.  This documents purpose is to outline a way to better configure IIS so these errors do not arise as often in an LANDesk environment.


    NOTE:  After configuring LANDesk Policies to run in their own Application Pool, there should be a significant decrease in request failures, and a noticeable increase in performance.


    NOTE:  If you have already configured an Application Pool for policies in your environment, please see the section on "Configuring the new Application Pool".


      Creating an Application Pool for LANDesk Policies


    From the Core LANDesk server launch IIS and find the Application Pools section:



    • Right Click on The Application Pools folder.
    • Select New "Application Pool"
    • Name the Application Pool "Policy"
      Select the option "Use an existing application pool as template".


    • Select "OK".
    • As seen in the first screen shot you should now see an Application Pool called "Policy".


      Configuring The new Application Pool


    • Right click on the "Policy" Application Pool and select "Properties".  (Across the top of the Application Pool there are four tabs).
    • Recycling Tab- Nothing needs to be changed.
    • Performance Tab- Request queue limit should be changed from 1000 to 4000.  Web Garden should be changed to the number of processors in the Core LANDesk server.


    • Health Tab- Nothing should be Changed
    • Identity Tab- The account used should be the "Network Service" account


    • The Application Pool is now configured.  Select "OK"


      Putting the New Application Pool to use


    • Open IIS if not already open
    • Browse to the following:
    • Expand "Web Sites" | Expand "Default Web Sites" | Expand "landesk" | Expand "managementsuite" | Expand "softwaredistribution"


    • Right click on "ApmService" and select "Properties".


    • Under the Application pool section select the drop down arrow.
    • Find the Application Pool called "Policy" and select it.
    • Select "Apply" Select "OK"


      Restart IIS

    • Form the Core LANDesk server select Start | Run | type iisreset in the command window. Select "OK".
    • This will apply the new settings to IIS.


      Test the new Application Pool

    • From the Core LANDesk server open a web browser and type the following path:




    • The following should be returned: