Configuring a DataNow appliance for SSL-offload

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    How to enable HTTP client access on the DataNow Web Client Console


    It is recommended to use HTTPS (SSL) to access the DataNow Web Client Console at all times. There may however be a requirement to enable HTTP access for testing or for use with SSL offload.  The method for enabling HTTP access changed with the release of DataNow 3.0.  Please follow the steps appropriate to the version of DataNow Appliance which you are running.

    ***For DataNow 3.x onwards***

    1. Logon to the DataNow web admin console using your browser (https://[Appliance IP]:8443)
    2. Navigate to Configuration -> Advanced
    3. Within 'HTTP Access', click the check box 'Enable access over HTTP'

    ***For DataNow 2.x.x***

    To enable HTTP access, you must connect to the appliance console via your hypervisor.

    1. Press F2 to enter the Menu and enter the appliance password when prompted.
    2. When the Menu is displayed the option to 'Toggle http access' will be available for selection.
    3. When enabled there will be a prompt in the left hand corner of the screen to display the HTTP(S) state.
    4. When HTTP access has been enabled, this setting will be persist after reboot.
    5. Access to the Admin Console is unaffected by this change and can only be accessed via SSL on port 8443.

    CAUTION: Use care when enabling HTTP mode to ensure that the appliance is not directly accessed by DataNow clients or web traffic, since it will be unencrypted.