Steps to test that a Sharepoint site can be viewed via WebDAV

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    The DataNow appliance facilitates communication with Sharepoint via the WebDAV protocol. Sometimes it is desirable to test whether or not a Sharepoint server is accepting connections via WebDAV.


    From a Windows endpoint:

    1. Choose to map a network drive from Windows Explorer.
    2. In the path field specify the http(s) path of the Sharepoint library e.g:
      1. http://<mysharepointserver>/Shared Documents
    3. Choose to "Connect using different credentials".
    4. Click OK and authenticate when prompted.

    This should map a new network drive which can be identified as using the WebDAV protocol by the prepended "DavWWWRoot" in the drive name.  Note: Earlier versions of Windows DAV client (for instance that in Windows XP) did not support HTTPS protocol.


    If you wish to confirm the path to a document library that should be entered as the map point path, you can use the 'open with Explorer' command in Internet explorer whilst browsing to the document library to open an Explorer window with the correct path at the top - see…