SQL AlwaysOn support for DesktopNow servers

Version 1


    SQL AlwaysOn was introduced with SQL Server 2012 and is supported by the following product versions on all versions of SQL Server from 2012 onwards:


    Environment Manager Personalization 

    Management Center 

    Version 8.4  Version 8.7
    Version 8.5  Version 10.x
    Version 8.6 
    Version 10.x 


    The use of MultiSubnetFailover in the SQL connection string is supported by all of the above versions, although an update to the Microsoft .NET Framework is required for all of the above DesktopNow server versions prior to version 10.0. DesktopNow server versions that are dependent on .NET 4.0 require this fix, DesktopNow server versions dependent on .NET 3.5 require this fix. Where a DesktopNow server version requires both .NET 4.0 and .NET 3.5, both updates should be installed.