Published Application Name fails to evaluate in Environment Manager on XenApp 7.6

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    Environment Manager 8.6Environment Manager 8.5


    When using the "Published Application Name" condition in an Environment Manager condition to evaluate a Citrix "Published Application" you find that the condition may fail.

    In versions of Citrix prior to 7.6 this issue never occurred.


    In Citrix XenApp 7.6, Citrix have changed the way that their WFAPI  returns a "Published Application" name. The "Published Application" name is now returned as the "BrowserName".

     EXAMPLE: In earlier versions, the WFAPI returned a Published Application name as "Production App". However, in 7.6 they changed the behaviour so that it is now the name is derived from the "BrowserName" field. If these fields differ then the condition will fail.

    Due to this behaviour change, the condition in Environment Manager to evaluate a "Published Application Name" no longer evaluates to the correct name.  The aforementioned condition was introduced to only support the evaluation of a Published Application.  Now that Citrix have changed the WFAPI behaviour the the condition now meets its expected scope and the Published Application "BrowserName" field are not in scope of the Environment Manager condition.

    For support of a "Published Application BrowserName" condition we recommend raising a Feature Request with AppSense so that this functionality is added to a future release of Environment Manager.  It is also worth contacting Citrix as they may already be aware of the issue and have a workaround or fix as to how the WFAPI returns the Published Application name.

    To workaround the issue;

    We create a condition within Environment Manager,

    Ensure that you Specify the "Browser Name" field instead of the "Application Name" field when setting up the condition.

    To find the BrowserName you can run the following PowerShell comands on a Citrix machine with the Studio installed (if you need to find Notepad as an example):


    Add-PsSnapIn Citrix.Broker.Admin.V2

    Get-BrokerApplication -ApplicationName Notepad | Select BrowserName