How the 'Is VDI' condition is evaluated

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    Environment Manager 8.6Environment Manager 8.5


    Understanding how the 'Is VDI' condition is evaluated as of Environment Manager 8.5.


    New functionality has been introduced as of Environment Manager 8.5 to have a condition check to see if a machine "is VDI" or not.

    Environment Manager passes or fails this condition check by checking for the presence of the below processes:

    • XenDesktop 5 - picasvc.exe;

    • XenDesktop 7 - picasvc2.exe;

    • VMWare View - wsnm.exe;

    • Quest vWorkspace - pndsvc.exe

    These are unique to the VDIs themselves so if one is found then the condition should be a successful match.

    EXAMPLE: As Environment Manager checks for the launch of these processes as a means of evaluating the presence of a VDI it is possible for the condition check to have been made before the process has launched.  An example of this would be to add an "Is VDI" condition at the beginning of the Computer Startup trigger.

    This could potentially occur long before one of the above processes have launched and will thus result in a failure to meet that condition.