Support Hotfix AMC 8.7 SP1 Console HF1 / AMC 8.7 SP1 Server HF1

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    AppSense Management Center 8.7


    Problem# 11337 - Adding Full Control object permission to a deployment group doesn't grant the correct permission levels

    Adding Full Control Object Permission to a Specific Deployment Group doesnt allow user to create 'Poll Now' or 'Install CCA' Requests.  When logging on with the configured user, the 'Poll Now' and 'Install Deployment Agent' options are disabled in the deployment group.

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    AMC 8.7 SP1 Server HF1:     4746039a9b7ee3f17c9ec3fdf860cc4c

    AMC 8.7 SP1 Console HF1:  8143464285f7f89d8a5a34fd740852cd


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