Running two or more dependant actions / nodes in parallel may fail intermittently

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    When you configure two or more actions to run in parallel, one of which is dependent on the other running successfully first, you may see the independent action fail intermittently.

    EXAMPLE:  In the example below, we are attempting to map the H drive, and also create a new folder on the H drive. You can tell that the actions are configured to run in parallel because they are aligned equally to the left:

    In this case the 'Create Folder' action is dependent on the 'Map Drive' action, as if the H drive has not yet been mapped, we will not be able to find the path 'H:\' needed to create the folder.

    The same behaviour applies to nodes, so if we were to put each of the above actions in its own separate node and then configured them to run in parrallel, we may again see the dependent action fail intermittently:





    When actions or nodes are configured in parallel, Environment Manager will execute them simultaneously, and as such there is no guarantee as to the order in which they will complete.

    This is expected behaviour. If you need to ensure the dependent action runs last, you can create a parent-child relationship between the two actions by ensuring the dependent action is aligned below and to the right of the other action.

    To move an action, you can right-click it and use the 'move' options or their associated hotkeys:

    Below you can see how the previous examples have been updated to create this parent-child relationship:

    Action example:

    Node example: