Performance Manager Central Statistics Service times out and fails to start after upgrade

Version 1

    Verified Product Versions

    Performance Manager 8.1


    During an upgrade, customers may see that the the Windows Installer failed to start/restart the Performance Manager Central Statistics Service. In addition, manual attempts to start/restart the service can result in an error dialog stating that the service failed to start.


    Windows will attempt to verify the certificate of any .NET application by connecting to the internet behind the scenes. If the service start/restart occurs whilst working offline or no internet connection is available, this verification stalls the service from starting, resulting in a 30 second timeout being exceeded.

    This issue will not be seen on a fresh installation of Performance Manager Central Statistics.

    This issue can resolved by manually editing the existing PmCentralStatistics.exe.config file (found in C:\Program Files\AppSense\Performance Manager\Central Statistics\) to include the following lines:

        <generatePublisherEvidence enabled="false"/>


    These should be inserted as a child of the top level <configuration> element.