Environment Manager Engineering Setting - ADUserGroupMembershipTimeout

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    Verified Product Versions

    AppSense Environment Manager 8.4AppSense Environment Manager 8.2AppSense Environment Manager 8.1AppSense Environment Manager 8.3


    Following the introduction of the "UseAlternativeUserGroupTest" setting within Environment Manager 8.1.544.0 onwards (see Technote TN-150938), on rare occasions the LDAP query could take a very long time to complete.


    This can be caused by several contributing factors - response time to the LDAP Query, number of results, network bandwidth etc.

    The follow custom setting (Engineering key) was added in Environment Manager onwards to specify a timeout so the query does not run indefinitely:


    AppSense Product:        Environment Manager


    Engineering Settings:    ADUserGroupMembershipTimeout


    Introduced (Agent):      Environment Manager


    Deprecated (Agent):      N/A


    Introduced (Console):    Environment Manager Console


    Deprecated (Console):    N/A


    Restart Required:        Yes

    Note - Certain common engineering settings have been made configurable via the "Custom Settings" option within the Environment Manager Console (only applicable to and later)

    Valid Registry Hives (* = highest priority, where applicable):






    8.0.x.x Registry Key:    N/A


    8.1.x.x + Registry Key:  \Software\AppSense\Environment Manager


    Registry Value Name:     ADUserGroupMembershipTimeout


    Registry Value Type:     REG_DWORD


    Registry Value Data:     time in milliseconds


    Default (if not set):    120 (LDAP Query will timeout after 120ms)

    Limitations: This value is only applicable when UseAlternativeUserGroupTest is also enabled