Central Statistics Server - PerformanceManager Application Pool disabled in IIS

Version 1

    Verified Product Versions

    Performance Manager 8.1Performance Manager 8.0


    On computers where the Central Statistics Server (CSS) software is installed and is CPU/Memory/Disk bound for periods of longer than an hour, IIS periodically recycles the PerformanceManagerPool every hour.

    This can cause either a timeout on Shutdown/Startup. If this happens five times in 5 minutes, Rapid Fail Protection disables the PerformanceManagerPool. This causes all BITS transfers to the server and all reports in the AppSense Performance Manager console to stop working.


    The Default settings on the PerformanceManagerPool are incorrect.

    This can be resolved by making the following changes in IIS:

    Use the IIS manager MMC snap‐in to modify the following attributes on the PerformanceManagerPool application pool.
    In the properties of the PerformanceManagerPool set the following:
    • Set Shutdown Time Limit (seconds) to 90.
    • Set Startup Time Limit (seconds) to 90.
    • Set Ping Maximum Time Limit (seconds) to 90.
    • Set Regular Time Interval (minutes) to 1740.
    • Start the PerformanceManagerPool Application Pool if it is still disabled by RFP.