Personalization Configuration Import of Desktop Settings Fails

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    Verified Product Versions

    AppSense Environment Manager 8.3AppSense Environment Manager 8.2


    When attempting to import Personalization Configuration of Desktop Settings that was exported from an Environment Manager 8.2 Personalization Server to an Environment Manager 8.3 Personalization Server, the imported configuration is not applied and no changes are made to the Desktop Settings configuration.


    Due to the changes made to the way Desktop Settings configuration is stored in Environment Manager 8.3, the conversion of 8.2 and earlier Desktop Settings to 8.3 is only performed during a database upgrade (this is performed partly by the upgrade process, and partly by an ongoing process running within the BackgroundService).

    The Desktop Settings will need to be imported into a 8.2 Personalization Server then Upgraded. They can then be exported as 8.3 Desktop Settings.