Bulk close action / query - The operation has timed out

Version 1

    Version 7.2.5



    Customer created a query to bulk close over 3000 incidents , the query worked and returned 3669 entries, however when the customer tried to bulk action - close them all I get this error in the application windows event log:


    System.Net.WebException: The operation has timed out


    Suggestions given



    The error is a timeout error and this indicates that the action took longer than the maximum timeout value set.  There are some timeout settings that we can try increasing but this may take a bit of trial and error until we get this correct.  I have included links to articles which hold some of the timeout settings that might be relevant below.


    Alternatively, as you need to get these incidents closed as an urgency it might be quicker if you could try reducing the amount of records returned by the query so that you can close them in chunks e.g. adding in another criteria such as date range which you can change each time it is run so that it returns perhaps 500 incidents each time?