Newly Saved Packages take a while to populate onto Management Server

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    Verified Product Versions

    Management Center 8.7Management Center 8.6Management Center 8.5


    In some cases, you may find that upon saving a package, it may take some time for the package to be available for client download from the Deployment\Packages web site location.


    This issue has been seen previously by customers who use non-standard MTU settings on their Management Servers.

    When a package is saved, the Management Server's Events Dispatcher service downloads it from the Management Server Database and caches it in the Deployment\Packages location of the Management Server web site.

    For large packages, this process involves making multiple requests to retrieve the file in 2048 bit parts. This process can be significantly slowed down if restructive MTU settings are in place.

    If you're experiencing this issue, please try reverting the MTU setting on your Management Servers back to their defaults and re-testing to see if the issue persists.