Where can I change what is sent in an assignment notification?

Version 2

    To change the content of an assignment notification;



    Go to Process Designer, and select the required process (eg: Rich Incident).  Make a copy of the process, and make the copy

    active and default.  Deactivate the original process.  Go to the required assignment on the process.  Double click and from properties select the ellipse button on 'Action Instance Data'. The assignment window will appear.  You can change the text in the title and description fields.




    NB.  'Add Assignment' may be an optional action on a status in the process. You can check this by going to any status (eg: Open) and looking at the 'Optional Action Instances'.  If 'Add Assignment' is selected as an optional action, you will need to change it here.


    Once you have made your changes, save.


    Make the process active and default.


    We advise that all changes are made when all users are logged out of the system and there is a restorable, current backup of the database available.  Please attempt changes on a test system first.