Unable to set Environment Variable to USERSID

Version 1

    Verified Product Versions

    Environment Manager 8.6


    Attempting to create a environment variable called USERSID through the EM Console will fail due to field validation.  The following error can be seen when hovering over the 'Red Cross'. 


    'A reserved session variable name cannot be used'


    The validation of the console was changed in Environment Manager 8.6. 

    There are several workarounds available:

    1. Go back to using a custom script.  See http://blog.appsense.com/2015/05/cleaning-out-your-closet-sweep-out-old-custom-scripts/
    2. Copy and Paste a validated action from an earlier console.  However this will still fail validation if opened in an EM8.6 console.
    3. Use Set / SetX 'Execute Action' on the 'Pre-Desktop' trigger to set the variable.