Conflicts Detected error when attempting to reference a reusable node within a computer trigger

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    Verified Product Versions

    Environment Manager 8.6Environment Manager 8.5


    When attempting to assign a reusable node to a computer trigger (For example Computer Startup).  You may see a dialogue box advising that Conflicts have been detected with the following error:

    RunAs value CurrentUser is not allowed on this event


    When creating actions within a reusable node, the default behaviour is for them to be created to run in the Current User context.  The console prevents actions created within computer triggers to run within this context.

    In EM 8.5 extra validation was placed into the console so that only actions set to run as "System" can be copied to the computer triggers. Functionaly this is correct.  In previous versions actions copied with Run as "Current User" to Computer triggers would automatically run as System, potentially this deemed as potentially dangerous behaviour and subsequently the validation was changed

    To avoid this issue, when creating actions within reusable nodes which are intended to be referenced within computer triggers, set the context for each action to 'system' by selecting the 'Run As' tab when creating or modifying the action.