Printer issues with Konica Universal Print Driver and Application Manager

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    AppSense Application Manager 8.9AppSense Application Manager 8.8AppSense Application Manager 8.7AppSense Application Manager 8.6AppSense Application Manager 8.5AppSense Application Manager 8.4AppSense Application Manager 8.3AppSense Application Manager 8.2AppSense Application Manager 8.1AppSense Application Manager 8.0


    When using Application Manager with Trusted Ownership enabled, users may be unable to print or view printer properties correctly when using the Konica Universal Printer Driver.


    The Printer Properties dialogue attempts to communicate with the Konica Printer for information regarding status but fails.

    Model specific DLL's are cached for the printer and these are written to (by default) c:\kmupdcache\x86\pcl\<Model name>.  The NTFS owner of the DLL's is the logged on user that mapped the printer.

    When attempting to print or view printer properties, the attempt to load the DLLs fails due to Trusted Ownership.

    To resolve this issue there are two possible options:

    1. The DLLs in the cache can be signed, added to a Group and added to Accessable Items. This is viable if there aren't many different printer models in use, and therefore not many unique DLLs.
    2. Make the following an accessible item, with trusted ownership checking disabled: c:\kmupdcache\x86\pcl\*\*.dll