Management Server does not function when Citrix XML Service is on the same machine

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    Management Center 8.0


    If the AppSense Management Server and Citrix XML are both listening on port 80, then this can cause the IIS ManagementServerPool application pool to crash, which results in a non-functioning AppSense Management Server.


    An issue has been identified if the Citrix XML service is running on the same server designated to the AppSense Managament Server.  Since the Citrix XML server and Microsoft IIS server (an integral part of AppSense Management Server) both listen on port 80 by default, problems occur.

    It is recommended that Citrix XML not be installed on the AppSense Management Server.

    NOTE: For managed machines that are managed by the AppSense Management Center, this will not be an issue. Citrix XML can listen on port 80 without affecting the CCA communicating out through port 80/443 to the AppSense Management Server.

    It is recommended that IIS be allowed to listen on port 80 in preference to Citrix XML.  One of the following solutions will resolve the issue:

    Solution 1 - Move the Citrix XML Service to another server (Recommended).

    Solution 2 - Change the listening port of the Citrix XML service

    1. Open an elevated Command Prompt and enter the following commands:
    2. Stop the Citrix XML service using: net stop "Citrix XML Service"
    3. Enter the following commands:
      1. ctxxmlss /u
      2. ctxxmlss /r8080
    4. Start the Citrix XML service using: net start "Citrix XML Service"

    You must manually start the Default Web Site. This will bind the service to port 8080.

    To test, telnet to your server as follows, where SERVER is the name of the machine hosting the Citrix XML Service:

    telnet SERVER 8080

    Solution 3 - Share the Citrix XML Service port with IIS6

    The following document titled 'Explaining and changing the Citrix XML Service Port' explains how this can be achieved.