Installing the CCA from the Management Console on Windows XP fails with an "Access Denied"

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    AppSense Management Center 8.7AppSense Management Center 8.6AppSense Management Center 8.5AppSense Management Center 8.4AppSense Management Center 8.3AppSense Management Center 8.2AppSense Management Center 8.1


    After selecting "Install CCA" from the Management Console, the CCA Installation Log presents an "Access Denied" error when connecting to the administrative share. This occurs even if the administrator credentials are correct.


    This may be caused by Windows XP's simple file sharing setting being enabled. This is usually disabled via group policy when the computer is a member of a domain.

    The simple file sharing feature prevents access to the endpoint ADMIN$ and C$ file shares.

    To disable simple file sharing, launch Windows Explorer and navigate to Tools>Folder Options. On the View tab, locate the option "Use simple file sharing (Recommended)" and deselect. Click OK to confirm.