Self Heal File action does not work for files on network locations

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    Verified Product Versions

    Environment Manager 8.6Environment Manager 8.5Environment Manager 8.4Environment Manager 8.2Environment Manager 8.1Environment Manager 8.3Environment Manager 8.0


    When using the standard Self-Heal File action in EM Policy, this will fail to work correctly if the location of the file you wish to self heal resides on a network location. An example of this could be a desktop icon on a redirected desktop, as this would be stored on a network location.

    In Environment Manager Debug Logs you will see error code 3 - 

    ‘The system cannot find the path specified’
    however in a Process Monitor log you will see
    'Access Denied'


    This is by design and is highlighted as such in the EM Console GUI when you are creating the Self Heal File action:

    This behaviour is such because EMUser.exe does not have access to the network locationas it runs under the SYSTEM account which doesn't have the required network access.  If you are only using the Self-Healaction(s) for a small number of machines then you could give only these required machines access to the network location.  However it may be required to give a larger number of machines access, in which case giving the 'Domain Computers' Active Directory group access to the relevant network share may be a preferred scenario.

    There has been a feature request logged with the EM Development team to review this to determine if this behaviour can be changed.