How to change the Computer refresh period for the Management Center console

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    Verified Product Versions

    Management Center 8.7Management Center 8.6Management Center 8.5


    By default, the Computers view within the Management Console can be automatically refreshed as frequently as every five seconds which will also cause a number of requests to IIS in order to gather the refresh information.


    5 seconds is the default, but the refresh period is configurable:

    1. Locate the "ComputerPageRefreshMinimum" value in the ManagementConsole.exe.config file which will by default be in the"%ProgramFiles%\AppSense\Management Center\Console" folder.  The default value is "00:00:05" which equates to 5 seconds as this value is formatted as HH:MM:SS where H is hours, M is minutes (must be less than 60) and S is seconds (must be less than 60).
    2. The actual refresh period used by the console is calculated by the console itself timing, in seconds, how long the refresh takes, in terms of sending the IIS requests and receiving the responses, and then multiplying this by the "ComputerPageRefreshRatio" value.  If this calculated value is less than the value in "ComputerPageRefreshMinimum" then the value in "ComputerPageRefreshMinimum" is used instead. It is recommended not to change the "ComputerPageRefreshRatio" value.
    3. Change the "ComputerPageRefreshMinimum"  value to the required minimum refresh interval, save the file and restart the Management Console.  Note that a manual refresh can also be triggered at any time from the Actions pane within the Computer node.