Error 1208 received when mapping to non-windows file shares from Windows 8

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    Verified Product Versions

    AppSense Environment Manager 8.6AppSense Environment Manager 8.5AppSense Environment Manager 8.4AppSense Environment Manager 8.2AppSense Environment Manager 8.1AppSense Environment Manager 8.3AppSense Environment Manager 8.0


    If you try to connect to a non-windows SMB share from Windows 8 you receive an error 1208 after attempting to authenticate.


    This behaviour may be due to the "Secure Negotiate" feature added to SMB 3.0 for Windows Server 2012 and for Windows 8, which relies on the correct signing of error responses by all SMB 2 servers (including those supporting only protocol versions 2.0 and 2.1). Some third-party file servers do not respond with a signed error response causing the connection to fail.


    To workaround:

    From an Administrative powershell console:

    Set-SmbClientConfiguration -RequireSecuritySignature $true

    Press 'Y' to accept.