Application Manager causes excessive delays when matching Trusted Vendors

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    Verified Product Versions

    AppSense Application Manager 7.1


    Application Manager will cause the initial execution of an application to take an excessive time. During this time the session will appear to have hung.

    Normal behavior is observed if left for approximately 60 seconds. This scenario will present itself when the executed application has failed trusted ownership checking and there is a match against a Trusted Vendor Certificate in the configuration.

    This can only occur when the Application Manager configuration contains one or more Trusted Vendor Entries and the Update Root Certificates Windows component found in "Add/Remove Windows Components" is installed.


    This delay is caused by the certificate verification routine with Application Manager and occurs when the computer is unable to access the internet to update the Root Certificate List from the specified server.

    An error event is raised in the Application Event Log by the operating system from 'crypt32'.

    This is fully explained in Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 317541.

    Follow the instructions in Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 317541 to remove the Update Root Certificate Component.