Upgrading Performance Manager on Vista

Version 1

    Verified Product Versions

    AppSense Performance Manager 8.3AppSense Performance Manager 8.2AppSense Performance Manager 8.1AppSense Performance Manager 8.0


    When Performance Manager is upgraded on Vista (with UAC turned ON), a dialog is displayed. This dialog states that the Main Agent file (and Optimizer Agent file if that is enabled) are in use. The user can choose between Exit, Ignore and Retry.


    Because of UAC and the increased security, if a file (exe) is running and that file is due to be overwritten, a dialog is displayed to the user giving them the option of exiting the installer, ignoring the message, or Retry

    There are 2 viable solutions:

    1. Ignore the message. The file will be overwritten anyway and a reboot will occur (as usual).
    2. Open the service control manager, stop all the relevant services manually, and click retry. The installer will then continue the upgrade process as normal.