CCA 8.5 (and older) incorrectly reports product version when retargeted hotfixes are installed

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    CCA 8.5 (and older) will incorrectly report the installed product version back to the AMC server when the end-point has retargeted hotfixes deployed.  This is seen in the CCA log by examining the version property posted up to the AMC server.


    This is caused as the CCA 8.5 (and older) are not enabled for retargeted patches.  The previous patching model ensured that all patches targeted the msi.  To determine the installed product version on an endpoint with patches deployed to it, the CCA simply examined metadata about the installed patch and returned the "TargetVersion" property as the version of the installed msi.  With the introduction of retargeted patches (patches that target other patches) this solution no longer works.

    This has been resolved in CCA 8.6.  Additionally a backwards compatibility fix has been introduced in the Management Server 8.6.

    Provided all the patches are still in the AMC database, the server examines the patch dependencies and traces back the dependency chain until it finds the patch which depends on the MSI.  It then updates the CCA post with the correct version number before processing the Post.

    This fix requires the patches to be in the management center database.

    This backwards compatibility fix can be seen in the CCA logs as an method enter/exit of:



    Additional log lines of interest start with:


    "Legacy CCA is reporting msi version number"


    "Resetting msi version number as"