Environment Manager logoff actions are not executed

Version 1

    Verified Product Versions

    Environment Manager 8.4Environment Manager 8.2Environment Manager 8.1Environment Manager 8.3



    • Actions in Logoff triggers are not run.
    • Personalised applications that are open when logoff is initiated do not have their settings saved to the Personalisation Server.


    Environment Manager logoff actions are initiated by a Local Group Policy script, EmExit.bat, which is inserted by EM.

    These can be checked by running gpedit.msc on the end-point and looking for EmExit.bat in User Configuration->Windows Settings->Scripts (Logon/Logoff)->Logoff and also in Computer Configuration->Windows Settings->Scripts (Startup/Shutdown)->Shutdown

    Even if the scripts exist as above, it is possible to disable the processing of Local Group Policy by a specific GPO setting, namely “Turn off Local Group Policy objects processing” in Computer Configuration->Policies->Administrative Templates->System->Group Policy

    To resolve this issue if present:

    1. Disable the “Turn off Local Group Policy objects processing” GPO setting and reboot.
    2. Create GPO objects that apply to the computer and user and configure Shutdown and Logoff scripts respectively in these GPOs which call the same script as the local GPO does, namely "C:\Program Files\AppSense\Environment Manager\Agent\EmExit.bat" with a -l option for the logoff script and -s for the shutdown script.