The SCU states that the active database is out of date when it is not

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    When the SCU (Server Configuration Utility) is launched, a dialogue box may appear with the following text:


    Database Upgrade


    The active database 'xxxx' is out of date and requires upgrading



    This message will be seen in normal operation following a software upgrade which requires schema or data changes to the database, however it may also be triggered due to SQL security / permission issues:

    The account which is being used to connect to SQL, which by default is the account running the SCU unless alternate credentials are specified if a "Connect to Database" dialogue box appears, does not have sufficient privilege to execute the select statement to retrieve the version value from the database.

    To verify that this is the issue, click "No" to the upgrade and when the SCU main window appears, click on the "Database" section in the left hand pane and look at the text at the bottom of the right hand pane which will be similar to this:


    Warning, the database version is '' but this software expects version 'a.b.c'. Some functionality will be disabled until the database is upgraded.

    The indicating factor that lack of SQL permissions is the issue is given by the fact that the reported version is an empty value, namely ''. If the value seen is not a empty but a numeric value then SQL permissions is not the cause of the warning dialogue and a database upgrade may indeed be required.

    Launch the SCU with a Windows account that has sufficient privileges to run select statements and stored procedures against the AppSense database or specify one if a "Connect to Database" dialogue appears after the SCU is launched.

    Depending on the product SCU this issue is seen from the account you are connecting to the database with will require the following database role assigned;

    Personalization: ProfileServerAdministrator

    ManagementServer: ManagementServerAdministrator

    CentralStatistics: PerformanceManagerAdministrator