Automatic archiving of user personalization data stops happening

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    Verified Product Versions

    AppSense Environment Manager 8.1AppSense Environment Manager 8.0


    Automatic archiving of user personalization data no longer occurs for existing 8.0 Personalization Servers after installing version 8.1. This is evident when the rollback data is viewed via Personalization Analysis in the Environment Manager console.


    Version 8.1 of Environment Manager no longer uses SQL Agent jobs to run the scheduled tasks that create the personalization archives. Running the Server Configuration Utility (SCU) for 8.1, which happens automatically when 8.1 is installed, removes these jobs. However, because SQL Agent jobs are global to a SQL instance, if 8.0 and 8.1 Personalization databases exist in the same SQL instance and the SCU for 8.1 is run, it removes the SQL Agent jobs, even if the 8.0 database is still being used by 8.0 Personalization Servers.

    Run the 8.0 SCU, select "Run Wizard" and run the wizard through to completion, without making any changes unless necessary for other reasons. This will recreate the SQL Agent jobs which can be verified in SQL Management Studio connected to the relevant SQL Instance.

    Note that the variance checking logic within the 8.0 SCU does not report that the SQL Agent jobs are missing.