Folder Redirection & Offline Files in Windows 7 / 2008R2

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    Verified Product Versions

    Environment Manager 8.0


    Folder Redirection and Offline Files functionality within Windows 7 and 2008 R2 will not work correctly when redirection is configured with Environment Manager (EM).


    When Redirecting Folders via GPO on Windows 7/2008R2, the redirected locations will automatically form a sync partnership and will be pinned as "Always available offline".

    However, when redirecting with EM this will not occur. Although EM uses the same API to initiate the redirection we are not sending the correct option flags to make this happen.
    This issue is fixed in the Environment Manager 8.1 release.
    In Environment Manager 8.0 to send the correct flags by following the workround steps below to manually modify the values inside the XML.
    1.  Setup the redirection(s) in a new node via the EM console, configuring all the required options (copy, delete etc) and then export this as an XML snippet.
    2.  Open the file in notepad and you will notice that each redirection entry begins with a parent node of:
    <Action ClassName="UEM.Action" Identifier="UEM.Action.FolderRedirection" ActionType="32768" ...
    One of the child nodes for this entry configures the option flags for that individual redirection, for example:
    <ActionProperty ClassName="UEM.ActionProperty" Name="Options" PropertyType="Integer" Value="512" />
    All we need to do is add 128 to this value to enable the Offline Files flag (so in this case Value=”640”)

    3.  Save the file and re-import it back into the EM Console.

    As long as you don’t edit the redirection actions via the EM Console GUI, the flags will remain in the configuration and it can be deployed to the Management Server or Endpoint.

    Now the folders will be marked offline just like native GPO.