Profile Redirection in a mixed Profile Environment v1 and v2

Version 1

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    When AppSense Environment Manager is used to redirect profile folders using both Copy and Delete Functions (Move), undesired results may be experienced:




    • Users moving between v1 (pre-Vista) and v2 (post-Vista) Profiles do not get the files they expect, which can lead to further errors/problems.
    • Administrators will see errors in the logs, etc.






    This is due to the difference in structure of v1 and v2 Profiles.

    In v1 (Pre-Vista) Profiles; My Pictures, My Videos and My Music are all nested under My Documents

    In v2 they are all at the same folder level.


    Structure of Profiles


    v1 (pre Vista)

    My Documents

                    My Music

                    My Pictures

                    My Videos


    v2 (Vista onwards)







    When redirecting profile folders such as (My) Documents, (My)Pictures, (My)Music and (My)Videos, in an environment using both profile versions, v1 and v2. Attention must be paid to the order in which they are moved.



    The configuration will give problems in a profiles V1 environment. As the My Documents redirect action will be copying its content to its redirected location. Which would be running at the same time as the (My)Pictures, (My)Music and (My)Videos.




    Redirection should observe the following order:


    Videos, Pictures, then Music and finally Documents

    (or any order of the above as long as Documents is last)