Where can one find more information about BITS jobs on an end-point

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    AppSense Management Center (AMC) uses the BITS feature of IIS to download packages to end-points for installation and to upload non-priority events to the AMC.  Sometimes these downloads or uploads may not happen, such that an end-point does not have installed what it should or events that have occurred on an end-point may not be available to view view via the Management Console.  Sometimes these issues can be caused by problems with the BITS jobs that are created on the end-point to facilitate these transfers to and from the AMC.


    The cause of BITS transfer problems are beyond the scope of this article but comparing event log entries from a fully working end-point with a non-working one is a good place to start.

    For each BITS job, there should be the following event log entries in chronological order:


    Event Id



    The BITS service created a new job: XXXX


    BITS started the XXXX transfer job


    BITS stopped transferring the XXXX transfer job


    The transfer job is complete


    To dump the events to file for analysis elsewhere, run the following command:

    wevtutil epl Microsoft-Windows-Bits-Client/Operational c:\temp\bits.operational.evtx