Removed Custom Settings within Environment Manager Console remain present on Endpoints

Version 1

    Verified Product Versions

    Environment Manager 8.3


    Within the Environment Manager 8.3 Console you are now able to configure custom settings.

    These pre-defined entries within the console can be configured and deployed via Environment Manager Policy.

    If you set a Non-Default Value this will in turn write a registry value to HKLM\Software\Appsense\Environment Manager.

    You may find that if you later remove this value\setting from theEnvironment Manager configuration, the setting value will not be removed from the Registry.


    This is expected behaviour, if you configure the Environment Manager console to set a default custom setting value. This will have the effect of ensuring that if the setting is pre-existing in the Registry, the Environment Manager configuration will remove the Value from the registry (it will not create a value).

    This is to ensure that the default value setting is honoured (see below).

    If you set a Non-Default Value (as below) this will in turn write a registry value to HKLM\Software\Appsense\Environment Manager


    If you set a non-default custom setting within Environment Manager Policy, (nodetimeout to 50000 as above), then deploy this to your endpoints. This value will then be present within the local HKLM\Software\AppSense\Environment Manager, hive.
    You will need to ensure that if in the future if you wish to revert this setting back to default, you will need to tick the use default box within the Custom Settings Dialogue box within the Environment Manager Policy configuration.
    If you alternatively just remove the setting from the Environment Manager configuration (as below), Environment Manager Policy will not manage the setting further, and so the pre-existing value will remain on the Endpoints.

    As explained, this is expected behaviour.