App-V 5 and Application Manager

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    App-V 5 Streamed applications may be blocked by Application Manager.



    In App-V 5, the first user to log on where a streamed application is assigned, copies the package files to %programdata%\App-V\<PackageId>\<VersionId\

    If the first user was a non-admin, these files are owned by that user and consequently, Application Manager will block the launch due to the Trusted Ownership rule checking.

    If the user was an admin, these files are owned builtin\administrators and consequently Application Manager will allow the launch because they are owned by a Trusted Owner.


    Two possible alternate solutions exist:


    #1 Add at least %programdata%\App-V\ as an accessible item and uncheck Trusted Ownership.


    #2 Before non-admin users logon, run the following commands as domain user with local admin rights:

    Powershell: “



    '1' is the first publishing server on the list.



    takeown.exe /a/r /f "c:\ProgramData\app-v"


    The commands should be run sequentially. 


    This has the effect of pre-populating the %programdata%\App-Vdirectory which package files owned by builtin\administrators

    These commands could be run by an Environment Manager Computer Startup action, run as a domain user with local admin rights. 

    It is recommended that the script is run as an execute action and not custom execute action so asto ensure the correct powershell.exe is used for the appropriate architecture.